Our Methods

The efficiency that digital dentistry provides sets West Wind Dental apart from other local dental providers. We are able to gather data, design a treatment specifically catered to you, and deliver outcomes to dramatically speed up the process of oral treatment. Communication with the lab begins the same day we take a scan and replace the need for physical dental impressions, which many people are not fond of. A well-planned treatment using digital dentistry capabilities may reduce the number of necessary visits by up to 30% for a patient.


Dental X-ray Information

Craft Your Own Smile

West Wind Dental utilizes Digital Smile Design technologies to allow our patients to be co-authors of their own smiles. A great advantage of this innovative system is that it does not require special medical equipment. With digital photographs taken correctly and in good resolution, Dr. Hamilton can study each case and plan a patient’s treatment virtually. He goes over the suggested treatment with each patient, which gives them an opportunity to comment on the final result and share with him their doubts and concerns about the treatment before committing to a specific plan of action.

Why West Wind?

By utilizing these digital dentistry options, our efficiency and patient satisfaction is top-notch.  Rapid processing of information into software enables not only the dentist, but the patient or their family to have input and express their opinions and desires chairside as the data is collected. It is even possible to complete a consultation, lab work, and crown treatment all in one appointment.

We understand the impact of the digital world in dentistry and Dr. Drew Hamilton is a leading dentist among local dental providers. We strive to bring safe, fast, and efficient care to our entire patient family.

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