Hear what some of the satisfied patients at West Wind Dental have to say about their experience working with our qualified dentists. 


Melanie came into West Wind Dental for full upper arch implants and lower implants. 


“I CAN SMILE when I take a picture! – Thank you for everything!” – Melanie 


Nick came into West Wind Dental for 2 root canals.


“Everything was back to normal after that (procedure).” – Nick


Lisa was referred to Dr. Hamilton at West Wind Dental to find a better solution for a tooth problem.


“I have a brother-in-law who’s a dentist, where I can get all of my dental work done for free, but I CHOOSE to pay the money to see Dr. Hamilton.” – Lisa


Ken came into West Wind Dental to repair his bottom teeth.


“Usually I never smiled, and you could never see my bottom teeth, but now you can.” – Ken


Susan came into West Wind Dental for a complete top plate and 6 implants.

“He (Dr. Hamilton) made it easy, he made it very comforting.” – Susan


Kitty came into West Wind Dental to replace her old, broken dental work. She received a full upper arch implant and lower arch restoration.  


“The implants were SURPRISINGLY EASY! He (Dr. Hamilton) explains everything.” – Kitty


Mark came into West Wind Dental for single implants, crowns, and a  sinus lift. 


“For a crown, in the old days, they had to send it out to be made- took a couple of weeks! Here, IT’S UNBELIEVABLE! Right before my eyes, my crown was made!” – Mark


Kathy came into West Wind Dental for a full upper arch implant, lower implants, and crowns.

“(when a coworker asked her if she knew of a good dentist)  I said – I’ve been around the block a few times, and you need to GO SEE WEST WIND DENTAL!” – Kathy 


Patrick is a long-term general dentistry client here at West Wind Dental. He comes in for semi-annual teeth cleanings and general oral care. 

“IT’S BEEN A JOY being a patient at West Wind Dental for over a decade!” – Patrick

“Best Dental office in the area! Very innovative, friendly & they do good work!! Make you feel very comfortable even when you don’t like the dentist!”

Pam S.

“My hygienist, Sheila, was so wonderful. She was kind, patient, thorough, and made sure I experienced no pain during my procedures.”

Danielle W.

“I’ve been using West Wind Dental for around 8 years now and I cannot say enough good things about them. The service is great and I feel they are at the forefront of Dental Technology. What a great team.”

Ian S.

I took my baby girl here for her first cleaning and exam. They are absolutely wonderful. Would recommend to anybody young or old. Super nice staff. The hygienist was so sweet and gentle with my little girl and the Dr. was too.

Heather R.

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