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West Wind Dental is proud to offer implant dentistry services to patients in Southwest Michigan! Whether you’re missing several natural teeth or just one, this loss can be a devastating experience that hurts your self=confidence, your health, and even your quality of life. At West Wind, were here for you. Contact us and find out if Implant options are the right fit for you!

Our Method

Unlike natural teeth, dental implants do not get decay and rarely have gum tissue problems surrounding them once they have healed in a patient’s mouth. Dentures and dental bridges only replace teeth above the gumline while dental implants replicate the roots using a titanium post placed into the bone. Not only does this give your new smile improved stability, biting force, and comfort, but it also helps stimulate blood flow in the bone to keep it strong and healthy.

Significant benefits of dental implants:

•   Improved structural integrity

•   Improved oral health

•   Improved aesthetic appearance

•   Upgrade from dentures 

Full Arch Dental Implants

If most of your teeth are missing, full arch dental implants may be the best solution for this unique situation. A full mouth dental implant restoration uses four to eight implants per upper or lower jaw/arch that are healed into the bone. Once the implants are installed, custom fabricated prosthetics are designed with you and inserted on the implant anchors. The process provides a natural-looking permanent solution that can last your entire lifetime if well taken care of. 

Teeth and Implants In A Day

Dr. Hamilton has dedicated his life to helping patients achieve life-changing smiles and can perform a transformative full mouth dental implant restoration using a procedure known as “Teeth and Implants In A Day”. In the planning stages, Dr. Hamilton will host a thorough consultation with you to determine the best course of action. On surgery day, all diseased teeth are removed, and the full arch implants are placed. Next, a custom provisional (a temporary version of your teeth) is inserted — all in a single visit. Several months later, after healing has occurred, the permanent teeth will be fabricated and tightened for optimal fit and looks. After the ‘Teeth and Implants In A Day’ treatment is completed, it’s especially important to maintain excellent oral hygiene and schedule regular dental visits.

Is Implant Dentistry Reliable?

Leading dental organizations like the American Dental Association consider dental implants the “standard of care” for the replacement of missing teeth. Over 5 million dental implants are placed each year in the United States alone! Dr. Hamilton has had long-term success and a high satisfaction rating for every dental implant procedure he’s completed at West Wind Dental. 


Whether you’re wearing a full or partial denture, or have missing teeth, dental implants may be the solution you need to feel better about your smile. Once our team carefully examines your mouth, we can come up with a dental implant treatment plan made just for you! 


Contact West Wind Dental today to discuss how we can help you enjoy a happier, healthier, and fully restored smile!

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