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At West Wind Dental we provide accurate and comfortable dentistry in Portage to transform your smile and bring back your confidence. Our knowledgeable, friendly, and caring staff are ready to effectively treat your oral pain!

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We help our patients achieve healthy oral hygiene using high-quality and innovative dental technology to diagnose and treat any oral conditions you may have. We can provide IV moderate sedation, thus giving our patients a convenient and comfortable dental experience whether it be a general cleaning or complex implant procedure.

Comprehensive General

Implant & Full Mouth

Our Services

Dental implants will give you a confident smile and a more youthful appearance. At West Wind Dental, we can complete single-tooth implant dentistry in Portage or dental implants to replace multiple teeth as well as provide a full mouth dental implant treatment depending on your oral health needs.

Cosmetic dentistry is the art of repairing, aligning, or whitening teeth to aesthetically please you. We have a variety of service offerings and use many tools of general dentistry to help you build a beautiful smile you’re proud to show off.

People with compromised teeth are often insecure when smiling or speaking because they are embarrassed, but after a full-mouth reconstruction, we can give someone the confidence they need to live their life to the fullest.

We utilize computers, scanners, cameras, video recordings, 3D printers, and sometimes virtual reality to improve the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions in your mouth.

We use Digital Smile Design technologies to allow our patients to be co-authors of their own smiles. A great advantage of this innovative system is that it does not require special medical equipment.

We offer sealants, fluoride treatments, and ultra-sonic cleaning instruments that help prevent major dental problems.


Take the first step toward better periodontal health with our top-rated dental practitioner, Dr. Andrew Hamilton, DDS

Dr. Andrew Hamilton holds fellowships in several international implant organizations and is an instructor with the implant accelerator program. He’s very active with the ICOI and is a graduate of the KOIS center in Seattle, WA where he learns the latest on advanced dental implant and reconstructive surgery and the restorations that follow. He has been involved in hundreds of dental implant surgeries, guided bone regeneration procedures, osseous reduction surgeries, sinus lifts, full bone horizontally impacted canine extractions, HLISA and LISA sinus lift osteotomies, and several other intricate procedures to restore patients’ jaw movements, bite structure, and overall oral health.

Financial Support

West Wind Dental strives to ensure that our fees are fair and competitive by regularly comparing them to national dental fee averages. Copays and payments are collected at the time of treatment and we file the related claims with your dental insurance provider immediately. 


For patient convenience, we accept multiple forms of payment including cash, personal check, Care-Credit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. Additionally, financing arrangements may be set up to fit your individual needs by extending payment over a period of time.

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We are committed to helping you develop or regain confidence in your smile and live the life you deserve. We achieve this through our wide range of permanent cosmetic and implant dental services that are tailored to fit your exact needs. No more loose teeth, irritated gums, or crooked smiles – we have the life-long solution you’ve been waiting for!

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