At West Wind Dental, we believe that taking dental x-rays is a crutial part of a complete examination

Digital dental x-rays are valuable diagnostic tools that enable a dentist to search for hidden dental diseases such as cavities, gum and bone disease, abscesses, cysts, and tumors. X-rays are also used to view the progress of eruption of permanent teeth in children, for orthodontic and implant treatment planning, and for many other dental procedures. Additionally, most insurance companies require radiographic evidence of the need for certain treatment plans.

The American Dental Association has guidelines for how often digital x-rays should be taken. 


The recommendations for each individual depend on their current dental and medical history as well as the condition of their mouth. Those with increased risk for dental problems may need x-rays as often as every six to twelve months, while others with no recent dental issues may require them less often. 

Why dental X-rays?

At West Wind Dental, we believe that taking x-rays is a crucial part of a complete examination. Without them, cavities, infiltration under fillings or crowns, bone loss, chronic infections, and other abnormalities of the teeth or jaw can go undetected. In fact, x-rays are a vital preventative tool to ensure that small problems don’t progress into more extensive (and expensive) issues. We recommend patients have their bitewing x-rays once per year and a panoramic x-ray every 5 years. Other types of x-rays may need to be taken based on treatment needs and insurance requirements (for claim submissions or pre-determinations).

For more information on digital X-Rays, please give us a call! We will be happy to speak with you and help you make your next appointment with one of our trusted dentists.

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